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English Information Site on Kawachinagano by Tomoaki Shimada

English Information Site on Kawachinagano

Welcome to the English Information Site on Kawachinagano!

I set up this website to introduce Kawachinagano, my hometown. I hope that many people will visit Kawachinagano. Kawachinagano is a nice place to visit on the way to Koyasan, World Heritage.

Tomoaki Shimada

What's New?

The English information site on Kawachinagano was finally released!

At this moment several web pages are still under construction. Various contents will be added in the near future. Specifically, more information will be added to "temples and shrines in Kawachinagano" with the collaboration of Mr. Masahiro Fujimoto, Head of Kawachinagano Volunteer Guide Club. He has a good command of English.

English-speaking Tour Guide by Kawachinagano Volunteer Guide Club

Please feel free to contact him!
Contact Person: Masahiro Fujimoto
email: ems@7.nifty.jp
Guide Fee: 100 yen (Nominal Charge)